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Whether your infrastructure projects are in virgin ground or rehabilitation, our team has a solution for you.

Whether your infrastructure projects are in virgin ground or rehabilitation, our team at Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising has a solution for you. Contact us, and a consultant will walk through the project and give you a solution that makes sense. The information we share will allow you to make informed decisions for your analysis of the project.

We at Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising realize that foam injection is not the solution for every infrastructure project in North Carolina and often suggest other directions. This honest approach has earned us our perfect reputation and the privilege of being the highest-rated company in ALL the mid-Atlantic states.

Infrastructure Projects

Roadway Stabilization:

When roadways are built, compactors are used to compact the top layer of subsoil before laying the roadway. The issue is that below this compacted layer, the original layer still remains untouched with all the existing fishers and voids. We can deep inject those areas, filling the voids and stabilizing the ground to reduce the chance of further settling.

Water Management:

It is common practice to install culverts below roadways, driveways and sidewalks. The issue is created during installation. When pipes are installed, the soil added above the pipe cannot be properly compacted in fear of compromising the pipe itself, leaving an area for future void. Our solution is to inject through the road or concrete slab with structural foam, which stabilizes the whole area. This solution is far less in cost compared to removal and replacement.


Manhole Rehab:

We have all experienced running over an elevated manhole, but have you thought about why it happened? The chamber under the manhole is constructed out of concrete, which is porous. When water flows through the chamber, the water soaks through the concrete to the surrounding soils. Our solution is to inject through the concrete from the inside out, which forms a waterproof barrier stopping the soil from getting wet and settling. This process stops most of the water from permeating the soil and causing settlement.


Railway Ballast Stabilization:

When railways are built, a thick layer of stone is first added and then compacted. Years of use by trains weighing in excess of half a million pounds and the vibration created cause the stone to shift and the tracks to sink. Injecting into the stone base glues the stone together, making more of a solid base and reducing the chance of settlement or the spreading of rock under pressure (creep).


Building Stabilization:

We are often called to consult on buildings that have settled. The greatest obstacle to overcome is the cost of demoing the floor and replacement (especially if the building is occupied). The simple solution is our process of stabilizing the floor while occupied.

Building Stabilization

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