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Restore function and prevent further risk.

Critical underground infrastructure like manholes inevitably deteriorates from constant exposure to flowing water, gases, and general wear. Undetected erosion, cracks, and leaks in manholes not only result in hazardous road conditions but also threaten the structural stability of surrounding sidewalks, curbs, and pavement. Rather than excavating and replacing entire manhole assemblies at great expense, cost, and disruption, our manhole rehab restores functionality and prevents further subsidence risk.

Manhole Rehab in North Carolina

At Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising, we conduct thorough inspections of manhole conditions to determine if targeted repairs are appropriate instead of full replacement. Key indicators warranting rehab include visible cracks, misalignments, eroded surfaces, and gaps allowing water infiltration or exfiltration. Other signs include crumbling interior wall materials, scaled coatings, extensive surface pitting, and loose debris interfering with access and flows. Using state-of-the-art application methods, our technicians use structural polymer compounds, protective sealants, and stabilization materials within each manhole to resolve damage issues.

Advanced manhole rehab options include installing reinforced structural linings, applying corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant coatings, sealing inflow/outflow leaks, stabilizing foundations, and structurally enhancing walls and access points. Unlike manhole replacement, which requires street closures, heavy equipment, excavation risks, and disruption to underground pipes and cables access, manhole rehab preserves existing infrastructure investments while providing long-lasting repairs. Renewed interior wall integrity and waterproof seals prevent future erosion and cracking while stabilizing and structurally enhancing foundations protect the surrounding pavement.

Contact us to inspect manholes in North Carolina and determine if rehabilitation is right for preserving critical assets before problems escalate. Extend the usable life of manholes while avoiding risky excavation through manhole rehab.