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Get peace of mind when you rely on us to be your seawall contractors.

Many coastal properties have existing seawalls (also called bulkheads or retaining walls). These protective barriers help protect against waves, storm surges, and soil erosion. They are generally constructed out of concrete, wood, or vinyl. What homeowners sometimes do not realize is that even the most carefully constructed seawall needs regular maintenance to maintain its protective properties, so if you own a coastal property, you need to work with seawall contractors you can trust.

Seawall Contractors in North Carolina

At Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising, we have decades of experience repairing and maintaining concrete seawalls all along the North Carolina coast. We use environmentally friendly repair methods that protect our coastline now and for the future. We have access to revolutionary, cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art materials that allow us to deal with cracks and uneven surfaces in your concrete seawall in better ways than ever before. It is also very cost effective to have us repair and maintain your seawall compared with the cost of tearing out an old seawall and replacing it.

Protect Your Shoreline: Seawall Damage and Restoration

There are plenty of warning signs that it might be time to call our seawall contractors for repairs. If you notice cracks, leaning slabs, rust stains, low spots appearing in the lawn behind your seawall, or sunken walkways, these are all signs that your seawall is deteriorating. Dealing with your seawall repairs sooner makes it less likely that you will experience future problems and will better protect your property against potentially damaging events. Get peace of mind when you rely on us to be your seawall contractors. Call us today with your questions or to schedule an inspection.


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