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As one of the only seawall repair companies in the region, we’re the team to trust.

Dealing with an issue with your seawall or bulkhead is a frustrating situation. You may think the only option is to have it removed and replaced to provide the necessary protection on your waterfront property. However, that is certainly not the case. If you search for seawall companies serving clients in North Carolina, you might get a list of results, but many of these businesses focus only on replacement. The cost to replace an existing seawall can easily reach $100,000 or more, which may not be in your budget. Fortunately, here at Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising, we offer a cost-effective option. Our technicians can repair existing seawalls, restoring them to full functionality at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Seawall Companies in North Carolina

As one of the only seawall companies in the area offering repair services, we’re the team to trust. We use a highly effective method for filling cracks and voids in reinforced concrete seawalls. Using a well-known compound called polyurethane, we can achieve incredible results at much lower costs than other seawall companies. We inject the material into the damaged wall, allowing it to expand and strengthen the existing component.

Why Seawall Repairs Matter for coastal property

The existence of your bulkhead plays a vital role in the safety and condition of your waterfront property. If it has sustained damage, you need to take immediate action to prevent ongoing issues, including moisture damage and soil erosion. Contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your concerns and we’ll perform a thorough assessment to determine whether seawall repair is a good option for you.