How to Tell if You Need Wood Seawall Repair

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Seawalls can be built using a variety of different materials, including wood, vinyl, and concrete. Although there are many different pros and cons that come with each type of material, wood seawalls in particular need regular maintenance to keep them in great condition. Furthermore, just like other kinds of seawalls, wood seawalls will need to be repaired as time goes by.

How to Tell if You Need Wood Seawall Repair

Wood seawall repair differs from other types of seawall repair jobs because of the way they’re constructed and how the wood materials react to varying conditions. If you have a wood seawall on your property, it’s important to be able to recognize when you may need to contact a professional for wood seawall repair services.

For example, one easy way to tell that you need wood seawall repair is if wood panels are missing. Without sturdy panels, your seawall won’t be as effective at keeping water away from your property. Another sign that indicates that you need wood seawall repair is erosion behind the wall itself. Even if your wood seawall seems to be in good condition, there may be a hidden issue that’s more difficult to notice without professional training and experience. Seawalls are meant to prevent erosion, so if you see any signs of erosion, there’s most likely a problem with your seawall.

Any time you suspect there’s an issue with your seawall is a good time to have your seawall inspected by a professional. If there is a problem, we here at Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising would be happy to help you out. We have extensive experience inspecting and repairing seawalls built with a variety of different materials, so no matter what your seawall was constructed from, you can rely on us for the high-quality services you need. Give us a call today for more information.