Top Reasons to Schedule a Seawall Inspection

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Seawalls are necessary features that prevent erosion and other issues that may arise when water crashes into the edge of a waterfront property. They are meant to last for years, but just like any other outdoor structure, seawalls will need to be properly maintained to ensure that they last as long as possible. Even if you check out your own seawall frequently, you may have a hard time noticing when it needs repair. A seawall inspection from a qualified professional can alert you to any issues with your seawall that need to be addressed.

Top Reasons to Schedule a Seawall Inspection

A seawall inspection involves carefully looking over the entire seawall, assessing the structure’s composition, beach scour, crest level, structural integrity, and other integral features. This process requires a skilled inspector because, without the proper training and experience, an untrained person would likely miss an issue that a qualified professional would catch.

The longer you wait to schedule a seawall inspection service, the more you risk the integrity of your seawall. Neglecting a small issue with your seawall can sometimes progress into a larger issue that may be more difficult and expensive to fix. For instance, putting off a seawall inspection for too long may cause the seawall to deteriorate and require total replacement instead of a few minor repairs.

We here at Carolina Seawall Repair by Concrete Uprising want your seawall to last as long as possible. If you need a professional seawall inspection service or would like to learn more about our offers, please give us a call today.