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Our process for seawall crack repair is highly effective at sealing voids.

Spotting a crack in your seawall may make you worried, especially when the tide starts to shift. The purpose of the seawall on a waterfront property is to reduce the risk of soil erosion and water damage, but when it’s cracked, it can no longer function properly. If you’re concerned about a damaged seawall putting your structure and surrounding property at risk, our team at Carolina Seawall Repair By Concrete Uprising is here to help. We offer seawall crack repair services to clients located throughout the state of North Carolina, and we work with both residential and commercial property owners to address and resolve concerns with cracked bulkheads.

Seawall Crack Repair in North Carolina

If you consult with another seawall company, you may get a bid that’s substantially higher than expected. Most other businesses in the area focus on seawall replacement, rather than offering repair as a viable option. However, the cost to remove and replace a seawall can be astronomical, with some estimates coming in well over $100,000. By undergoing seawall crack repair instead of replacement, you can save a lot of money while ensuring the security of your property.

Our process for seawall crack repair is highly effective at sealing voids. We inject polyurethane grouting into the materials used to construct the wall. The compound expands, filling in the gaps to create a stronger seawall that can provide the necessary protection. Our technicians have years of experience with this process and highly recommend it for seawall crack repair. If you have any questions about our services or whether your bulkhead is a good candidate for repair, contact us today.